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So. I think, that I have played and Beaten ALOT of Video games. I might just start doing my own reviews, I’m really excited for this actually, I might start making my own videos and doing it all legit like. I personally know that when I am looking for reviews, I perfer to watch my reviews rather then read them. maybe even add secrets and ways to unlock things. But definitely above all NO CHEAT CODES will be posted or endorsed through this website, Cheat codes are just stupid, why would you want to play a game if you can’t really play it? And cheaters are just a disgrace to gamers everywhere.


and sorry, but they may not be just the latest hottest games, I do not have the money or the time to really be playing games as a job. But I will for sure start with my newest games and probably work backwards in release dates.





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WOW. It’s been two whole weeks.


That sucks.


   Well I’ve been on break from school, and I went to Flagstaff, AZ for a couple days with my Boyfriend because his sister had a baby girl. Believe you me, she was adorable. And by the time we got there, they had 2 feet of snow. Being a native Tucsonan, I had never seen so much snow in my life, there where all these birds and deer, the wildlife seemed to thrive. It was so hard to believe we where still in Arizona. Beautiful


   Merry Christmas all! Happy Holidays to all who are shallow enough to be insulted by my greeting! 😀


   Video Games- OMG. I just got Final Fantasy XII for Christmas. It is so Great! but I can’t figure out where I can go to most effectively level my level 12 and 13 characters. I’m either stuck going out into the Westersand to fight crap enemies that are level 9-11 or 23-45. I did find the Z????? caverns but those enemies are at least level 16. If anybody knows a good place to gain experience from enemies that are close to my level 12-13 characters, please COMMENT. PLEASE!

   I also got God of War II. that game is so great as well. But it’s just a giant button masher though. It sucks. but the story-line is really intense.

   Just beat Resident Evil 4 for the Cube. Really fun game, I’m such a nerd, I have a Resident Evil 4 poster in my room now. lol.


Happy New Year!! I hope ’09 Is so much lighter then ’08!

Dentists are great.

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Went to the dentist yesterday. Gotta say, it was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.


That’s why I didn’t post yesterday.


I needed one filling in the very back bottom left tooth. Which involves getting Novocain.


I’m a phobic of having any part of my body numbed.


So at first they asked me if I wanted Nitrous Oxide, and I said no, it costs more money and I didn’t want dad to complain. Then the dentist put the numby stuff in the back of my mouth to numb the injection site. I started to freak out a little bit, and then the doc started putting doing the injection, and I did fine, sorta. I mean, apart from wringing my hands to the point of cracking my knuckles and moaning a little, I was good. He was done with the injection, and right as the Novocain started to set, he needed to do another injection to make sure I had enough to get me through the procedure, or something.


I passed out.


The last thing I saw was the shot headed back into my mouth, and next thing I know, there’s the doc’s kind face looming over me.


And the left half of my mouth was numb.


I didn’t like that very much but I think I was to exhausted to care, so I laid in the chair and I was alright unless they pulled on the numb part of my lip.


So I spent the next 6-7 hours at school. Fighting the need to become hysterical, or just start ripping at my cheek to try to feel something, anything. 


But I’m proud of myself, last time I went to the dentist, I had a panic attack on the chair. like, hyperventilating and bawling my fuckin’ eyes out. The world was SO going to end.


And I want to give a big shout-out to my boyfriend, he took care of me yesterday. I was a fucking zombie yesterday, but he made sure I seemed slightly human lol.

lol WOW

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so. just out there cruisin’ the interwebz.

stumbled across a blog post here

it pretty much says that she came home one night to find her boyfriend cooking dinner and had a table all set up for her and everything, the whole sha-bang. and then she realizes that he’s doing it so he can spend all night playing WOW, or World of Warcraft for all you non-gamer/educated/socially acceptable people, but then she thinks, you know what? I don’t care, he want’s to spend some time with me, and if he wants to use this as an excuse to do an “all-nighter” with his virtual best friend, then that’s all right with me.


this woman is SMART!

and you know what? she’s right too. sweet boyfriend.

check out that bloggy.


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i just realized this blog isn’t really all that great lol.


of course nobody ever GOES to it.


jerks. lol


you guys know who you are.





what should I write about?


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Happy Thanksgiving!

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I already posted what I’m thankful for, It’s Your Turn!

Comment please… 😦 comments makes me happies.



Photo Courtesy of icanhascheezburger.com



Tan-TurkeyLol I love you guys


❤ and happy thanksgiving